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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 25, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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tonight at 8:00, we're examining where the lack of fallout is on scandals here. at least there, they pull each other's hair out. here, i pull my hair out because we don't. tonight at 8:00, you don't get it. shut up, bob. hello, i am greg gutfeld, with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, bob beckel, and dana perino. it is time for "the five." today our incredible shrinking president laid out his strategy to fight mother nature and it is hilarious. >> the 12 warmest years in recorded history have all come in the last 15 years. last year temperatures in some areas of the ocean reached record highs. ice in the arctic shrank to its
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smallest size on record, faster than most models predicted it would. these are facts. >> about those facts, every major press outlet admitted world temperatures haven't changed in 16 years and climate changes were wild. they were right all along. about some areas of the ocean that are getting warmer? it is called the globe, mr. president, not some areas of the globe. that's why they take global temperatures! talk about denying science. obama makes flat earthers look like charles darwin. he is like a japanese airman on world war ii stuck on an island for decades no idea the war is over. how is this blater hurting us? it makes us vulnerable to oil rich enemies. he delays fracking while bowing before creeps that hate us. the economy is a mess, we have
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no jobs. obama is talking green energy which is the mob without the meatballs. all of this so the president can feel cool around matt damon, create a distraction from the swathe of scandals, he must wage a war on coal, a war on people that aren't matt damon. they don't hobnob. listen up. almost 2 million die each year inhaling smoke from makeshift fuels like animal duncan wood. it doesn't work in d.c. and bel air where the only climate change that matters is the way the wind blows. >> are you done yet? >> i have a great metaphor for the climate change thing. when you prepare for, you know, years for something and then it doesn't happen, kind of like your colonoscopy this morning. >> you had to bring that up.
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>> you prepared for it, showed up, they cancelled it. that's what america is going through. we are getting it in the butt and now it is cancelled. >> you know something, that's a personal thing. i was up all night on the toilet, they cancelled it on the table. >> now you know how america feels under obama's environmental programs. >> half of miami will be under water next 20 years? >> where is the evidence. >> i have plenty of it. >> bob gets his numbers the same place obama does. everybody admits, in the first five minutes of that speech today, he iterated. 91% of science and technology. didn't we go through this again, scientists don't acknowledge global warming that they're saying, here it is. "the new york times" talks about the plateau in temperatures. "the new york times," not a friend of obama, admitting
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temperatures have plateaued. 12 of the last 15 the highest on record, stop it. >> come on. >> you can't keep repeating the same cliché. >> they debunked those claims so the climates said it is not global change. >> i would like to hear what they say, you guys are lost. >> what bob is doing is reflecting what the president does, by echoing the same generic assumptions we bought for how many years that are untrue. when faced with facts, you go flat earther, polar bear. >> i didn't say it today. >> andrea, the weather channel, that's how much they trust obama on this. >> when you have everything going on, the president is talking about the weather, while
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00 dork face is running around the world, the news on the front page of "the wall street journal is that the united states government forgot to put him on the interpol list. >> 00 dork? >> ed snowden. big news, being embarrassed by the chinese and russians and he is talking weather and trying to distract to rally the base about the nsa scandal, get them excited to funnel money into green energy. it is how al gore made his millions. it is a money making scheme. and that's an inconvenient truth. >> you think there's no global warming, you really lost it. >> you say that with no evidence. >> there is evidence. >> we have gone through the evidence while you were half asleep. what is the political implication? >> let's say you do believe the earth is warming, let's say that you think that there are just some areas dealing with this. the problem is every country has to pitch in.
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two of those countries, if you're going to solve a global problem has to be china and rush. i have a feeling that cooperation is probably not going to happen. president obama did something wimpy today. he went to georgetown university to give this speech. what would have been bold is if he had gone to north dakota or west virginia, all the places we are expecting to supply us with all of the energy we have until the unicorn dream of sill in dra comes true. the other thing that was a huge political problem today, the president once again split the baby on the keystone pipeline. if you support it, he gave you hope. yes, i said it can go forward, only if it doesn't increase emissions. an impossible standard to meet. what happens when you split the baby?
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the baby dies. >> why would he go to north dakota, he could get booed there. i am in politics. >> exactly. georgetown university, don't you think that everybody -- >> what's wrong with that? >> it is wimpy, safe. it is safe for him, goes back to the theory this is designed to specifically rally the base, the base that's upset with him, the base that caused gallup numbers to show him drop drastically last week. they're not happy. >> eric, do you think he is doing it because he will okay the pipeline? >> he is embroiled in scandal upon scandal, let's go with climate change, bring that one back up. really, he lost on cap and trade. he is trying to get back to making the epa his de facto cap and trade bill. it was a directive. you have to go after coal companies. when he is senator obama becoming president obama, he
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says we will necessarily bank with coal companies. >> earlier than that he supported it. >> he doubled it down on this. >> listen, can i remind you, it was republican richard nixon started the epa, clean water act, clean air act have been valuable contributions to the country. the idea we dismiss them as a regulatory nightmare is crazy. >> i think we're reacting to a panic driven hysteria designed to make money for people who wanted to make money off the end of coal, and it failed, and father now figuring that out. >> he could have given a nod to people in the industry and engineers that worked so hard to come up with very good clean coal technologies that allowed us to get to a point where we have lower emissions today than when they wanted the key oath oh protocol past. it was to get them below 1992 levels. we have done that already. now we have to do something again -- i don't understand what he is chasing, bob. i think he is chasing political
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donations. >> i am for fracking, one of the few liberals, because my friend in west virginia taught me about it. >> he told you the facts. >> that helps you, bob. >> i want to know, though, why it is we can't get natural gas out of the ground, got so much of it, get it into cars, it would work. >> you could. expensive transition, have to retrofit the cars. >> which we should. >> the gas, you have to hook up every gas station to a natural gas processing plant, but a lot of infrastructure, for a trillion bucks. >> and people are willing to do it, like t. boone pickens, there's a natural gas act in the congress that the president said he is willing to get on board and support but he doesn't do it, he gives that lip service. if you look at the polls, i will consistently say this and concede, gospel preaching environmentalists that preach it like religion to continue to pad
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their pockets with this, they convinced the public something is happening, but nobody believes, bob, when you ask them is this a crisis, does it require taxpayer dollars, people go no, why should we spend money on this. >> i don't think in polls they say it is a crisis. >> they don't want our money, tax dollars going to it either. >> also don't want their kids facing a crisis 50 years down the road. >> by the way, your friend danny, natural gas burns cleaner than coal. president obama is finally coming around to embracing it as an alternative. >> if there's any savior to his presidency legacy wise, the fact he is bringing more energy to the market in america and because of natural gas. sooner rather than later. >> does anyone here think the united nations is going to go forward and try to pass this new
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u.n. framework? once again, it is a speech about nothing, for nothing, and tomorrow morning he's going to go on what i think is a good trip to africa. all these people he gave a speech to, all the private jets that love to give money to the democratic party to talk global climate change, it is a pipe dream and not the kind of pipe we need. >> it does rally the base, environmentals are a big part of the democratic base, makes them feel good about it. it makes them convinced there is a problem and we're not about to turn a blind eye. >> why now, bob? why all of a sudden now? >> maybe tax time, nsa time. >> why not before the election, if this is so important, the biggest threat of our time, why didn't we know about this big plan he had. >> it is politically ridiculous. if i were managing the campaign, he certainly wouldn't have talked about it.
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>> he lost control of the news cycle and desperately trying to get it back. >> mr. president, you're out numbered here. >> the seinfeld president. speeches about nothing. >> do you remember the soup nazi? >> yes, i do! >> all right. >> the irs scandal is getting worse, they admit they targeted more than just tea partiers. what will happen about this widespread conduct? we will debate it next. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever.
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♪ all right, new developments today. >> great music. >> okay. sorry. you really should be here for the commercial breaks which are really a lot of fun. we're going to talk new developments in the irs scandal. acting commissioner danny werfel says it wasn't just conservative groups and tea party, several groups labeled as progressive and occupy were also flagged by the agency. some think it exxon rates the administration. some say why after the massive breach of trust would obama think a werfel led investigation will restore the public's faith. that was ron fornier. you were doing cartwheels. >> finally the bolo of the list.
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i had a feeling it was right wing tea party nuts. when you list progressive, you list occupy, what do you think occupy had to do with? >> very quick. you have been telling me the last month and a half, "the new york times," "the wall street journal," washington post have been wrong? >> no. just because you finally happen to see -- >> get the rubber stamp. >> the problem with widespread targeting to blunt the recertificate generals of the tea party, like a boss nailed for sexual harassment, he is like no, i harassed everybody. that's the agenda. it is to blunt the power the tea party has now as persecuted victims.
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>> you're going to be heartbroken when the tea party turns out not to be so big and powerful. >> when he said progressive and occupy was mentioned, they had a different avenue. collect $200, go straight to go, you don't have to go all the way around. they got to go a different route. if you were conservative, you went a different route. bob, i want to ask andrea, do you think that's relevant in this situation? >> i think it is relevant. i don't know why this would be their argument. i think the irs will have a hard time playing this card, one, because there's so much evidence in the other direction, two, think of the timing and who is investigating this committee for the democrats. it is a democrat and former irs lawyer. >> who worked there at the time. >> who worked there at the time. you would think if this were relevant and prevalent, the democrat chief counsel on the government reform committee would be able to sniff it out a tad sooner. >> or the inspector general. >> or the inspector general. the irs is investigating itself on this.
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>> wait a second. first of all, issa's committee found nothing. >> they uncovered so much waste, fraud, abuse. i'm sure if you look, they could find. there's one liberal group targeted. >> more than one. >> it is selectively. very convenient. >> a progressive group comes forward, says they had to reveal their book club list. >> i don't know about the book club list. they revealed my book club list. >> national alliance for anarchists. >> can we talk about one other topic, immigration. listen to paul ryan earlier on what he thinks prospects are in the house. >> i think that making sure we are emphasizing the border will be secured under patrol, so the rest of immigration reform can come alongside it after the border is secured makes it becoming law more likely.
2:21 pm
the house will do its own legislation, won't do the senate. the senate moved closer to the how's position, which makes final legislation more likely. >> around and around they go in washington. eric? >> the fix is in, here is how it goes down, senate gets their bill, house gets their bill, john boehner won't have the guts to say no, no conference. won't have the guts to say it dies in the house, he will say let's go to conference, some bill will happen, and the republicans will get beat, run over. >> there will be a bill in the house decidedly different from the senate bill, and there will be that old thing they do, they tell their conferees, you have to stick with the house bill when you go to conference. the difference is semantics. they're going to come out with a bill, this is going to be an immigration bill for sure. >> what do you think, greg. >> america needs to demand a new movement, border for bills. politicians sign a pact they won't sign a bill over 30 pages
2:22 pm
long, a term limit on term papers. until we do that, we can't stop big government from expanding because big bills help big government survive. >> it is one of the criticisms, the bill has gotten so big and complicated, many will be crushed under its weight. looks like they will have the votes in the senate. >> gets out of the senate. the question is what they do in the house. national journal said yesterday you're not getting a bill done this year. i agree with you, bob, i think they're going to move on it, but there's one provision that's important i can't believe republicans voted for, dana. people who commit crimes here illegally are getting crimes wiped, crimes any of us at the table, tax evasion, identity theft, domestic violence, drunk driving, their registered status is clear. >> you don't have to pick on greg. >> i am not, robert. who says i couldn't pick on you. >> one point, there's a counter point, on immigration, it is
2:23 pm
true on our show as well. coming up, obama administration is trying to line up the nfl and nba to sell you on obama care. we have a list of who is on board. later, many are unhappy about the supreme court ruling on voting rights act. stay with us and find out why. ♪
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♪ welcome back, everybody. cereal and beer, tiger woods and your wife, gut sells and the white chair, all things that don't belong together. now and one more, obama care and sports. greg, don't go anywhere. believe it or not, president obama is trying to screw up
2:28 pm
sunday football by interrupting nfl games with obama care commercials, so i called the nfl to see if the rumor was true. went something like this. me, say it ain't so. nfl, yes, we have been contacted by obama. me, please tell me you told them to jump in the lake. nfl, we're open to listening to this proposal. i am crushed. the one thing i look forward to is how long to football, three months or three hours, how long until kickoff. now i am not so sure. >> i didn't know we had so much in common. i think of that every day, too! >> do you think the draft went well? >> it is chilly in here. >> the draft. exactly. first of all, what's wrong with advertising during the football games? >> because football is sacred. >> i see, sacred from -- >> why do we get partisan on football? >> partisan up football? you can buy an ad like the super
2:29 pm
bowl. >> are they trying to get athletes involved? >> they're trying, but the nfl is also interested, i guess if the numbers are right, they'll do the ads. >> celebrity endorsement. >> the problem with celebrity endorsement of programs like this, they become a propaganda arm for the government and there's no consequences for their actions because they don't use the programs. the programs suck, a rich celebrity won't know. it is not like doing something for the military, the military defends you and you owe them for that. trumpeting obama care doesn't matter if it is destructive because you don't use it. >> you think most major league players can't explain obama care? >> we know it will cost them a hell of a lot of money once they implement it. >> dana, will this interrupt football viewing? >> i pretty much watch for the commercials, and i hope the play 360, the little song that they
2:30 pm
have, it is catchy. if i were the nfl, i would have said thanks so much for calling. we would love to work on the anti-obesity campaign that mrs. obama has so championed and we love that, but please don't make us do obama care. besides, obama care is going to hire all of the navigators for the money. this is supposed to be their job. that's what they're supposed to do, go out and tell people why to buy this. >> start for the patriots? >> eric says yes. >> does obama care cover steroids? i don't know. maybe. >> can i weigh in here. i think this is shameless but it is genius. we talked about it during the commercial break. so many eyeballs on the sport, they look at romney care in massachusetts, what was the biggest issue with it, enrollment. why would anyone sign up to pay a premium more expensive than the penalty. they need to get people into the
2:31 pm
system. so what do they do, advertise, take out ads. this is smarter and savvier. i wonder what the player union thinks of it. the base of nfl players is not . it shows that even the elite in the very important institutions are politically correct. >> can i add to andrea's point, obama care is going to fail or succeed based on enrollment, but enrollment of younger people. >> enrollment of healthy people. need to get people that are healthy. >> we need the defensive line for the chicago bears to explain exchanges. >> the nfl should have supported the idea of selling health insurance across state lines. if you opened up that market, imagine how many ads there would be, rather than car insurance ads, you could get health insurance ads. >> they do that now. >> no, they don't.
2:32 pm
>> get celebrities to sell a turd. >> you go with you guys, kill obama care, 40 million don't have insurance. >> 30 million won't have it after obama care. >> why politicize the sport. look at the people that watch football. there was a rule announced, if you're an american trucking company with 50 employees, it is cheaper for you through the immigration bill hire the new residents than hire american workers. this is the nfl's base, obama care, immigration -- >> more companies in massachusetts that size laid off anybody. >> major league baseball and football, two things common to the administration, unions and revenue share, so smaller markets benefit from teams. >> that was cute. >> unfortunate. we have to leave it there. ahead on "the five," "the five" hits 200 today.
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we celebrate the 500th show. first, ever wonder if you're giving your spouse too much or too little advice? and what's the worst kind of advice to give the person you love most. andrea has the answers when we come back. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics...
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♪ want to know the secret to a happy marriage? don't give your husband or wife too much advice. that's what researchers at the university of iowa have found, spouses feel lower marital satisfaction when given too much advice from their significant
2:38 pm
other, especially when it is unsolicited. interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly, men tended to see advice from their wives as a form of nagging, while women viewed it as condescending. greg, do you steer away from giving your wife any advice unless she asks you? >> marital success is based on one word and that's surrender. relationships to women are what football are to men, yet they actually have the play book engrained inside their brain when they're born, base unorder to deal with brute animals over this evolutionary process over time, women need to know how to deal with this weird creature, so they're better dealing with us than we are with them. half the time as a spouse, you have no idea what you are doing because she's essentially controlling you with every movement. >> did you ever notice, before i got divorced, we would have an argument, it would be a year earlier, i thought it was all over with. we are sitting at the dining room table, remember that thing -- i said i thought we got
2:39 pm
that deal done? and you never forget, women never forget. >> that's a chris rock bit where he says women save up stuff to be mad at. said we will get him on that later. >> always come after you for something. i am divorced. >> when advice comes from the husband, who they say are more likely to give more constructive criticism, logical, level headed advice, they say wives feel they're being condescending. do you ever feel that way? >> since i am perfect, there's nothing to say or add, i can't think of anything off the top of my head. i give a lot of advice. >> oh! >> i don't have time to play the game of could you pick up the socks. give you an example. >> that's a great game.
2:40 pm
>> i left sunday. the purple cleaning glove was there, today, it is still there. >> who has a purple cleaning glove? >> i don't even know why -- >> can i give some advice. peter, pick up the purple towel. >> it is obvious. if it is not picked up by the time i get home. >> a purple cleaning glove? >> some consider it nagging. let me getter i can here. unsolicited advice. my mom said never give someone advice unless they ask you for it. for example, you see your wife, you say she doesn't need this, she has a great figure, you would say hey, i saw the gym is running a special membership, may want to think about hitting the gym, that's what they're referring to. >> that would be a bad thing, you're right, my wife doesn't need it, she's amazing. >> one thing. i will be like what do you think of this dress.
2:41 pm
it is 100% gorgeous, perfect. god forbid if you do one of those, it is over. it is a disaster. >> and bob, they say that what's more important is the way the person reacts to the advice than the giving of the advice. isn't that the truth? >> it is. before i got married, we had five engagement parties. we went to this fancy dress place, i am sitting there with a phony british woman, my fiance comes out with another dress. what do you think of this. beautiful. what do you think of this. beautiful. i didn't know i was buying the whole damn thing. i ended up paying 22,000 bucks, only lasted six years. >> greg, what about this theory, better the wounds of a friend than kisses of an enemy. so when your spouse or partner gives you criticism, they know you better than anyone, they're just maybe trying to save you embarrassment or help you. >> wounds of a friend. >> or kisses of an enemy. >> that sounds like a danielle
2:42 pm
steele novel. >> as opposed to you look great. >> there are other ways to do it. buy clothes that are a size too small. that's what i did for my wife. >> who gives unsolicited advice? i love it, twitter followers. you get a lot of advice, shouldn't wear that, your hair, blah blah blah. >> saw her in the kitchen one day, there was something on the floor, she did this. she kept staring at it, looks at peter, stares at it. he got the point. >> i don't know. i like to ask my beau for advice. >> he is a good guy. i tell you one thing -- well, anyway. directly ahead before bob puts his foot in his mouth, the supreme court says good-bye to part of the 1965 voting right act and beckel is not happy about it. the wrath of bob when we come back. ♪ the verizon share everything plan for small busines
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♪ today, the supreme court struck down a key provision of the voting rights act, landmark civil rights law from 1965, designed to protect minority voters. in a 5-4 ruling, they threw out
2:47 pm
section 4 that required mostly southern states to get approval from justice department before changing their voting laws. the justices said it is up to congress to update the law. president obama is deeply disappointed. here is attorney general eric holder's response. >> like many of us across the country, i am deeply disappointed, deeply disappointed with the court's decision in this matter. this decision represents a serious setback for voting rights and has the potential to negatively effect millions of americans across the country. >> if you wouldn't mind me giving comment on the front end. my dad was very much involved in seeing this bill get through. i think i understand why southern states collectively should not have to be under this law, because a lot of them do things right now, but there are counties in these states where they still practice discrimination and they have to be accountable somewhere. if they throw out section 4, it guts the civil rights.
2:48 pm
congress has to codify this in a way to say these particular counties, in will they pass a certain stress level, have got to report in before they make any changes. >> congress might do that. this is an opportunity if president obama is as deeply disappointed as described today, but their shoulder behind it, try to get it done. there might be willingness in congress to address that. i can understand being disappointed in supreme court decisions, think of obama care, i want to cry. i am saying, bob, the supreme court, what they're telling congress is you need to do a better job. that's what the supreme court's rule is, not that they want anybody denied voting rights. >> whenever there's a 5-4 decision, it means they want someone else to handle it. >> in a positive light, the states that were involved, alabama, georgia, mississippi, louisiana, et cetera, there's ten of them, are doing things -- things have gotten so much better in those states they don't need -- >> that's what i said. go ahead. >> i don't think anyone is
2:49 pm
arguing that in 1965 it was unnecessary, because i do believe, i agree with you, bob, it was a remedy to a serious wrong. however, the portions that prohibit discrimination are still in the voting rights act. you say they've gutted it, i don't believe they have. >> okay. >> and these states should be able to act on their own. the data, according to chief justice thomas, he says it is no longer valid any he says they changed. what you see with this decision and affirmative action, slowly but surely the court is weaning us off civil rights laws, carefully, slowly, allowing discrimination provisions to stand up in the voting rights act. >> greg, what do you think about this. you think there's some need to have oversight over some of these voting areas? >> i don't really know. >> okay. thanks. >> i don't. i think most of america doesn't know either, but anything that holder calls a setback has to be
2:50 pm
good because this is a guy, we really didn't think the new black panthers in philadelphia at the voting polls was a serious set back, suing specific states over certain things, that wasn't a serious set back. so when holder is disappointed, i walk a little happier. >> greg makes a good point. maybe most of america doesn't understand what section 4 is. that was a formula to determine which states had to get federal approval to change voting procedures, those states had a history of racial discrimination. my point is if the states don't have that history any more, why are they bound when they don't need to be bound. >> there are parts of those states that still need to be bound by section 4. there are counties in florida and mississippi, louisiana where the sheriff runs the voting day. i have been down there trying to deal with them in campaigns i've done, they absolute discriminate against blacks. >> that is illegal. >> well, i don't want a county
2:51 pm
sheriff at a certain county in mississippi -- >> i didn't speak before, clarence thomas said he would strike down clause 4 and 5, it was roberts who wrote the opinion that said look, the data is outdated, show me new data. right now, preclearance isn't necessary. >> congress has to act on this. if they don't, you will find there will be disenfranchised voters in certain southern counties. >> do you think states like mississippi will just go back? >> no, i believe mississippi has done a very good job. i don't believe it was anything like in '65. i am saying there are certain areas which haven't changed much since '65 and still prohibit blacks, make it difficult for blacks to vote. >> bob, the data in '65 is unbelievable. 69% of whites registered with 6% of blacks. that's not happening today. >> no, it is not, except certain counties, again, this is why you have to codify it, you have to say what percentage of your population is registered to
2:52 pm
vote, and you have to pass a stress test. anyway, pop, you rolled over in your grave. we are going to celebrate our 500th show. some of our favorite memories, and thanks to you for making the show such a success! stay with us.
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♪ today marks another milestone for "the five." this is our 500th show. we have been on the air nearly two years now, the second anniversary is coming up july 11th. because of that, look at this. probably the most pathetic cake ever. pull back. it is a coconut roll.
2:57 pm
i think it is a dead red panda. >> let me tell you, i walked in 93 degree heat to find this. i got it in a drugstore. >> why didn't you go to that nice place over there? >> everyone has advice. >> i think it looks great. >> thank you for doing it. can you scrape the coconut off? >> by the way, nobody likes coconut. >> i like coconut. >> you do? >> i love it. >> that's a joke. coconuts ruin everything it is put in except for peanut sauce. >> love it in pina coladas, coconut cream pie. >> favorite moment of the show, i don't know. >> when you say "special report" is up next? >> yes, my favorite moment! dana, how about you? >> i still love it when i dunked
2:58 pm
you on the fourth of july show. i can't get over it. that was fair and square, too. >> do you like the show we never aired, the one where dana showed up drunk and passed out and we didn't air that one? >> had to get her out of the drunk tank. >> had to get that bail. is your mother listening? >> i think my mother is watching. >> the drugs they found on her. >> eric, favorite moment? >> honestly, i love every show. >> you do? >> i do. i really do. >> you liked the one where you used the telestrator. >> i remember the day i used my second bomb, gave me a shot. that was after i left, the boss said don't use that word any more. >> what about you? >> any time bob is getting so --
2:59 pm
in food eating contests, choking on giant shrimp. he lived. he has nine lives. >> talk about that shrimp, think of the hell it went through. seeing bob's intestines, flying back up. >> that was my least favorite day, but i owe eric my life on that one. just because he wanted to have me around to beat up, gave me the heimlich before i went. you know, what i would have done, i would have gone boom. >> atomic elbow. >> only way i knew something was wrong and you were choking, you were quiet. you weren't talking. >> next time you choke on the shrimp. >> the day when kimberly chowed down those chicken wings, in that contest, that was good. >> isn't the best moment now? >> i liked it when greg wore the elf hat that moved around.
3:00 pm
>> that wasn't on the show, dana. >> i like what eric did sun camping. global warming. >> that's it for "the five." see you tomorrow. "special report" is next, my favorite! as president obama introduces new climate change regulations, one of his aides calls for a war on coal. some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say that translates to a war on jobs. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. president obama wants sweeping new regulations to expand renewable energy and limit pollution from coal fired power plants. one of the people the president listens to on such matters is less subtle, calling for a war on coal. that has republicans and some coal state democrats fired up. we will talk live


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